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If you already have a Clock with the battery-backed RTC (Real Time Clock) module, you can easily upgrade it to use the WiFi time provider module.

This gives you all the advantages of the WiFi kit. You need to have firmware V44 or later to use this.

You set the WiFi provider once once, and it never needs setting again, ever! It also allows you to configure the clock using a browser.

With our kits you are not alone! You can get online help at the forum, or you can contact us using email. We will get you going. We want to have you 100% satisfied, and our no-questions-asked support policy means that you will succeed. We even run a "return to base" repair service for hard to crack cases. Simply send the board back to us and we will fix it. You only pay the postage!

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WiFi time provider add on

This is a replacement module for the Real Time Clock (RTC) module for Nixie Clocks.

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